Packing tips

In a few short months Ethiopian Orphan Relief will be heading back to Ethiopia to check on our projects and meet with our partner organizations and talk about future needs.

As you can imagine we will have several suitcases filled with donations for the kids in Ethiopia. Last time we traveled it was quite the scene at the Portland airport as Lauren (partner & project chair)  and I (okay I’ll admit it, it was me)  checked into the airline ticket counter to the horror that my bags were WAY over the weight limit. I had tried so diligently to stay within that 50 pound mark but it became obvious that the hand held scale I was using to weigh my bags was defunct.

Luckily Lauren’s bags had weight to spare so we hastily moved blood pressure cuffs, medical equipment and the 6 pounds of dum dum suckers into her suitcase.

Today while having a trip planning meeting Lauren asked me if I had on my to do list to buy a new luggage scale. Her actual words were “Pasion, you better get it right this time.”

So I come to you our friends….please share your favorite packing tips with me…as clearly I need all the packing help I can get.


p.s. please don’t say “don’t bring the 6 pounds of dum dum suckers.” The kids loved them and Lauren did too.


3 thoughts on “Packing tips

  1. I say three bottoms, four tops, a sweater, Definitely 2 pr shoes. I made the mistake of packing one and got terrible foot problems……need to switch it up. I like to take fabrics that dry easily including undies so anything can be washed out in a sink and dry by the next day, or nearly, Oh and a rain jacket with hood for rain or in case it gets cold. That should do it. I will check the weather in all of the places to make sure about sleeve and pant length. If cold, possibly a pr of sox. Can’t forget PJ’s.
    Judy A.

  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! Momma C we have put a request into the airline and crossing our fingers. Judy, how about I put you in charge of our weather! You can keep the team updated as to temps in the areas we are going to travel in. Would you like to do that? Thanks Ladies. Kim

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