A day at Children’s Heaven

This month EOR is going to have several guest bloggers. We are thrilled that our supporters want to share with our readers their love of Ethiopia. Meet Vivianne our guest for today. Thanks Vivianne for sharing your love with the girls at Children’s Heaven.

When I was asked to be a guest blogger for EOR I was deeply honored, EOR holds a very special place in my heart! Then I realized how hard it was going to be to pick a single subject, there are so many things that I love and want to share about Ethiopia! I have always had a deep respect for Ethiopia, for the history, its rich culture and for the people’s perseverance despite their daily struggle. However, now that our daughter is from Ethiopia, our hearts are even more attached to this beautiful country.
The first time I was introduced to EOR was through Lights of Hope in 2010. We were five months into our adoption process and had a deep desire to experience anything that had to do with Ethiopia. I went to the event with an eagerness of hearing about projects in Ethiopia, and left with deep respect and admiration for both the people of Ethiopia AND EOR. I admired EOR for being adoptive mom’s wanting to make a difference. I was inspired and wanted to be an instant cheerleader for these amazing ladies and their vision. EOR is not only been a place where people are able to assist in giving back to the beautiful, yet vulnerable children of Ethiopia, but EOR is also a place to meet some amazing people who want to make a difference in whatever capacity they can. The story that stayed with me the night of LOH2010….in 15 minutes EOR was able to raise enough money for 100 girls at Children’s Heaven to eat for 500 days. I had tears in my eyes watching the compassion and generosity explode in the room that night. From that night on I knew what an incredible impact EOR is able to make!
We traveled to Ethiopia in March to meet our daughter. We were lucky enough to spend two months in Ethiopia. Since we had our daughter with us for 7 of those 8 weeks, we had to limit our travels to day trips, however we were still able to the breathtaking countryside and meet some incredible people along the way. I have too many memories to share in such a short time, but there was one memory that will forever be in my heart! We were priviledged to visit Children’s Heaven, the very place that captured my heart that night back in May 2010 at Lights of Hope! We were invited to attend their saturday program where they sang, played games and shared their delicious traditional food with us for lunch. It was a touching experience to spend the afternoon with these beautiful girls, to hear their singing and laughter while they were playing brought tears to my eyes! By watching their displayed happiness you wouldn’t know of the heartache and struggle that they live with on a daily basis. Children’s heaven gives them support and a place to go to be a young girl, forgetting just for that moment about their obstacles. Because Children’s heaven provides them with lunch they are able to focus at school instead of wondering if they will be fed that day. We thanked them for allowing us to be a part of their saturday program, but I don’t think they will ever know how deeply they touched our hearts, forever! For our daughter’s first birthday we plan to sponsor a girl from Children’s Heaven, and we plan to only continue giving over the years.
Thank you EOR for the generosity of the financial and emotional support that you provide to these precious children throughout Ethiopia! Even though Ethiopia is half way across the world you help us feel connected and give us an opportunity to continue our efforts to give back to Ethiopia!
Video of our time at Children’s Heaven: www.vimeo.com/27013474
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One thought on “A day at Children’s Heaven

  1. Vivi

    Thanks for this amazing post–Children’s Heaven fills a spot in my heart like no other too. Your love for Children’s Heaven, indeed all of Ethiopia is evident in every word. Love your VOTE pic–so original!

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