Buy a beautiful children’s book…Help us meet our goal!

Adoptive parents, EOR enthusiasts and authors, Stephanie and Gur Tsabar, are helping us raise the reaming $3200 for the FOVC-Ethiopia orphanage compound through the sale of their beautiful children’s book, Friending Your Emotions.

We are thrilled to announce that they will be donating $5 to Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR) from each sale of their book from now until our fundraising deadline on August 15th.

Inspired by their son, Abebe, who they adopted from Ethiopia in 2007, Stefanie and Gur wrote Friending Your Emotions for all the kids as a lighthearted way to open up a dialogue about their emotions. We love this book not only because it is so important for kids to learn how to accept and express their emotions early on in life, but also because there is a lovely passing reference to transracial families that we really appreciate. We know you will lov ethis book as much as we do!

To buy a copy for your child or as a gift, click here, and please make sure to click on the  EOR logo to complete your order.

I just placed a order for 3 books. Two for gifts and one of my daughter.

Thank you Stefanie for your generosity.



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