We need your vote

Have you voted for Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. yet? More than ever before we need your help!

Last week we announced that EOR had been selected by Stayclassy.org as a finalist in the “Most Innovative Use of Social Media by a Charity.” Our entry focused on the overwhelming success of our social media campaign, Project Gena, which gave donors a chance to send backpacks filled with gifts directly to the orphan and vulnerable children we serve.

EOR is poised to win $15,000 but we can only win with your help. WE need you to do the following:

Follow this link, and vote for EOR (just once, we promise)

✻   Under Charity Categories click on most innovative use of Social                        Media by a charity

✻  Click on the VOTE button next to Ethiopian Orphan Relief

✻  Click on submit my ballot – vote before August 26, 2011

You then have the option of signing in via facebook or by using your email. The choice is yours. Your choice means the possibility of BIG money for the children we are all trying to help in Ethiopia.

Share this contest and link with EVERYONE you know — on facebook, or your blog, with your church group, coworkers, yahoo groups and with all your family and friends.

This $15,000 (and all the good we can do with it) is so close, but it will take thousands of votes to win it. Please raise your voice (once again) in support of EOR.

Your votes make it possible to win BIG money for little kids.


The "E" family from Oregon encouraging friends to vote


2 thoughts on “We need your vote

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