What a Loser!

It’s August, and time for a month of posts.

I’d like to kick off this round of 31 entries with a link to someone else’s blog.  That’s right, it’s Day 1, and already I’m passing the buck…

The blog in question belongs to a guy named Dave.  Dave, a regular guy and adoptive dad, has come up with an amazing fundraiser to benefit Ethiopian Orphan Relief (hey, that’s us)!  Dave is planning to lose 40 lbs between August 1st and October 31st, and has asked for pledges to motivate him and help orphans at the same time.  Today was his official first weigh-in, so it’s not to late to make a pledge to encourage him.

The board of Ethiopian Orphan Relief adores each and every one of our amazing donors, but I have to admit, we’re especially excited about supporters who think outside the box when it comes to raising funds.  Dave’s commitment to better health and to orphans is well…amazing!

Please visit Dave’s blog, and if you can’t pledge, at least leave a note of encouragement.  This is an incredible act of generosity; let Dave know you’re with him every step of the way!



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