In an attempt at full-disclosure, I feel that I should mention that I hear The Commodores singing, “Brickhouse” ever time I think of our ‘Buy-a-Brick, Build-a-Legacy’ campaign.

2 months ago, we were pleased to report that EOR had granted $45,000 of the remaining $51,000 needed for the building project at FOVC. We asked that you help us raise the last $6000, $6 at a time. With more than 1000 facebook supporters alone, we hoped that lots of small pledges would make it easy for everyone to give. I’m happy to say that together, we’ve raised an additional $2500 in the past two months.

For those of you who have given, I’d again like to say thank you so very much. For those of you who haven’t–don’t despair, there’s still time to give. While we were hoping to raise the remaining money by July 31st, we can extend the window through August 15th, and still complete the project by the time EOR travels in November. Together, we have raised every bit of the money needed to build FOVC–the kitchen, the bathrooms, the classrooms and bedrooms–all have been built by YOU. Let’s finish what we’ve started, and raise the remaining $3500.

If we raise $3400 by August 15, I will gleefully add the last $100.00 to the total.

Thank you friends, for all that you do for the kids of Ethiopia. YOU are EOR!



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