Just under the wire

Paige our lovely VP and blog queen assigns days for board members to blog. I’m sitting here watching my children and nephew swim while watching the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen on our tropical vacation. I’m looking at the sky and all of a sudden gasp. Oh my stars, today I was supposed to blog. I grab my computer and think I’m happy there is a 6 hour time change so I can indeed blog on the correct day.

While on this trip we’ve talked to our children often about my upcoming trip to Ethiopia. I’ll be traveling in November along with fellow EOR board members and some of our donors.

The last few times I’ve traveled to Ethiopia it’s been tough on our children. I’ve only been away one or two nights in my son’s 11 years and daughter’s 4 years other then trips to Ethiopia.

Something I started doing to make it a little more fun for them is leaving a small trinket, gift for each day I’m away. I wrap it and tie it with a tag …day one…day two, etc. I then put all the gifts in a bag and each morning my husband lets them open their little gift. They seem to love this and I sure have fun shopping for the trinkets.

The gifts are simple…my daughter loves straws and recently discovered straws that bend so I picked up a bag at the market. Stickers, pack of gum, a shell I found on this trip, a gift card for movie rental, itunes card, etc.

Some other ideas that seem to help at our house is I find a map and we put thumb tacks on all the places we will be visiting, a paper chain with rings for how many days I’ll be gone and then they tear a ring everyday and I leave little notes or jokes around the house where I know they will see them, a sock drawer, the bathroom mirror, school backpack, etc.

These little gestures probably help me more then them but it’s a small way to let them know I will be home soon.

What types of things do you do for the little ones we leave at home when you travel? Would love some new ideas.


my little Ethiopian daughter enjoying some sunshine


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