igive (and you can give too)

We’ve talked about it in the past, but it’s worth mentioning again that iGive.com is a terrific way to help EOR without spending your own money.

Why Join iGive?

Change Shopping for Good
Raise money every time you shop at 900+ top stores.
It’s Free, Fast & Simple
No forms to fill out. Shop as you normally would.
Coupons & Promo Codes
Save money with thousands of coupons and promo codes to use at checkout!
You’ve been missing out!
In business since 1997. Over 27,000 causes have received checks.

iGive.com gives a percentage of each purchase back to the non-profit of your choice.  You shop, (at Amazon, Shoebuy.com. Drugstore.com, Kodak, Snapfish, 1-800 Flowers, and a frillion other stores), EOR receives a percentage of your purchase dollars.  Easy-peasy, lemon-squeeezy.

Since we signed on to igive.com 3 years ago, EOR has made more than $500.  $500 without any work, without any asking.  $500 to feed kids, or buy shoes or school books or bricks.

Please consider joining igive.com today.  For a limited time, new members will receive 10.00–5.00 for joining and then a 5.00 donation to EOR, in addition to the % made on your first purchase.  iGive won’t sell your name, or send lots of spam, or use all your towels, or smoke cigars in your house.  iGive will raise more and more money for EOR as more of our supporters join.

We’re still scrambling to put together the $6000 needed to finish the building project at FOVC.  A little back-to-school shopping on your end could really help!

Once you’ve joined iGive, add a comment here, or send an email to me:  paige  @  ethiopianorphanerelief.org  for a little thank you gift from me.


Join...before the ninjas strike!


One thought on “igive (and you can give too)

  1. best laugh of the day I forgot about the nijingas. I signed in on igive EOR but it dissapeared off my google I’ll try again Keep up the good work

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