Amharic Class

Ten weeks ago Paige and I started taking Amharic classes.  The classes are challenging but so well worth it.  Learning the Fidel (alphabet) has been quite the task for me.  We are learning basic communication and at this point are able to tell our name, where we live and greet people.

For me I am finding this especially helpful.  I live in an area that has a large Ethiopian community.  It is not uncommon for me to see Ethiopian people at the grocery store, library or community gatherings.  When I went to purchase injera a few weeks ago the shop owner spoke to my son and said “simay manno?”.  For a second I paused in fear, but quickly gave his name without having to ask her to repeat it in english.  It was a small victory for me. 



2 thoughts on “Amharic Class

  1. Nice blog amy .

    Okay , who asked ‘simay manno ‘ ? or is it ‘ simih manno ‘ . Learning langauage can be difficult . I myself wanted to study deutsch and french , although easier than amharic it can be quite frustrating . Im hoping to begin amharic lessons on my blog ,any advice ? lol

  2. I am DYING to take Amharic lessons. It’s one of my life goals to get some communication skills down for that wonderful part of the world… Gobez on your minor victory!

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