Our first Award Nomination – Were Classy

Here at EOR, we don’t like to toot our own horns, but today we have good reason to do so. Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. is a proud qualifier for a Classy Award!

“Hollywood has Oscar, Broadway has Tony, and now philanthropy has the Classy.”-October 2010 The CLASSY Awards recognize the top philanthropic achievements by charities, businesses, fundraisers and volunteers from across the country. The winners receive national exposure and more than $150,000 in cash & prizes for their cause.

Um, hello–they had me at more than $150,00 in cash and prizes for Ethiopian Orphan Relief! EOR has already qualified for the next round of the competition (by receiving more than 100 ‘Likes’ through Facebook) but additional likes will only help us, so please, check us out and give us a ‘Like.’

This big prize can help lots of little kids in Ethiopia–if that’s not classy, I don’t know what is! We entered as a small charity (less than 250K in revenue per year) and were asked to present a single successful venture, so we wrote about Project Gena 2010, one of our most amazing social media efforts:

Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. launched the Project Gena 2010 campaign in September of 2010 through various social media platforms. Supporters were asked to make Christmas merry for a child in Ethiopia by filling a backpack. In a 3 month window, 156 backpacks were stuffed and shipped to the orphans of Children’s Heaven and Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (two of the 5 orphan care centers EOR serves). While the primary goal of Ethiopian Orphan Relief is to to ensure that every child in Ethiopia has a warm bed, a loving influence, and sufficient education to better their lives. EOR’s focus on infrastructure (facilities, meal programs, health clinics, etc) sometimes makes it difficult for donors to feel connected to the orphans we serve. Sending backpacks filled with toys, clothes, school supplies, and letters gave donors an opportunity to connect with the children in a very immediate way. While the logistics of transporting the backpacks to Ethiopia (no direct shipping means that we rely on travelers to bring our donations to Ethiopia) made it impossible to send backpacks to every orphan care center we serve, there was no end to the support and enthusiasm for this project. Ethiopian Orphan Relief, like Edmund Burke, believes, “Nobody made a greater mistake than one who did nothing because he could do little.” Project Gena 2010 made it possible for even small-scale donors to make an impact, and as a result, these donors felt more invested in the work of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, increasing the likelihood that they would give again during the year. We kick off Project Gena 2011 in August of this year. It will be annual event, bringing joy to people on 2 continents. Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. appreciates all of its donors, both big and small. Every gift is a generous one, no matter the size.

Our entry can be seen HERE. Please, please click like next to the Ethiopian Orphan Relief headline to help us stay CLASSY!

Kim & Paige


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