Happy Birthday to me !


Today is my 41st Birthday.  Hard to fathom… Seriously,  I kinda feel as though I am catching up to my parents who are in their 60’s.   Today I was awakened by my two very sweet 4 year old daughters with breakfast in bed of  OJ, and toast with peanutbutter. Coffee came soon after.

Riley was born in the summer of 2007 and her big sister Meron came home a short 12 days later from Ethiopia in the arms of her jet lagged papa.   Meron is quite excited that today is my birthday because “MINE IS NEXT” and “I WILL BE FIVE”.

Today feels fine, and I certainly am happy to be here.  My life is full with  my baby catching gig, the cyclone sisters, this house, my husband of 12 years, and EOR.   How do I find the time for 2 , much less all of the above listed things??   Not sure,  but I just do it.  It fills me up. .  Ethiopian Orphan Relief is now a huge part of our family.  My husband  is often saying “It is what we have chosen to do” when discussing the time commitments of the Board and the Annual Lights of Hope Auction.    “This is our commitment and passion. “

My birthday always finds me reflecting on my past.  The decision to join with the amazing people of EOR was made in a instant while making a left hand turn onto Taylors Ferry Road in the Fall of 2007. It was a life changing decision. A path taken by myself and this family into service.

Thanks to all EOR’s loyal supporters.  We seriously couldn’t do it without you.  Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Lauren, Project & Partner’s Chair


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