and then…the other shoe drops

It’s uncharacteristic of us to post without reminding you that we could use additional funds.  Sure, we like to share good news, but usually, we remind you that together we can always do more.

On Monday I told you that we transferred 45,000.00 of the remaining 51,000.00 needed to complete FOVC’s building project.  This 45,000 came from so many sources–Dead of Winter, Lights of Hope, and the ‘Buy a Brick, Build a Legacy’ campaign, just to name a few.  You all worked so hard to raise these funds, I hate to ask for more, but here’s the rub.

EOR needs an additional $6000 to finish  Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s  building project.  When everything is complete, FOVC will have new dormitories and classrooms as well as the new kitchen and bathrooms EOR has already built.

EOR has more than 1000 supporters.  If each of us donates 6.00 measly dollars, more than 80 children in Ethiopia will have a safe place to sleep each night.

So, the other shoe…if you’d like to donate 6.00, we’ll need a check from you.  If you’d like to donate through Network for Good, you’ll need to donate at least 10.00–NFG doesn’t process a smaller amount.  I know we’re asking for more money, and honestly, once we meet this goal, we’ll ask you for money again (and again) for another project we’re working on, but this 6.00–10.00 request is relatively small stuff.    Most people can collect 6.00 in loose change around the house, or skip a Starbucks trip to find it.  Others might want to host a lemonade stand with their tots, or sell something on Craigslist to bring in extra cash.

In November, three of EOR‘s board members will travel to Shanto to visit FOVC.  More than anything, I’d love to take pictures of the completed buildings at FOVC to share with all of you.

Let’s finish the work on FOVC’s safe space before November.  I’ll match the first $100 in donations. I’ll plan to donate another $100 if we raise $5900 by July 30.  To kick things off, I’m also going to change my Facebook status to indicate that “I have $6 for FOVC’s kids.”  I invite you all to do the same.  There are nearly 1000 EOR supporters on Facebook.  Together, we can finish making a home for scores of children who have none.

Thanks friends,


*send your checks to:  Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc.

302o SW Christy Avenue.

Beaverton OR  97005





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