First Hair Cut

Some of the smallest things make for emotional days. Today was one of those days.

For months we had talked about getting Tesfa’s hair cut but I just couldn’t do. I got teary just thinking about it.  Well over Memorial Day Weekend he was introduced to a sensory table filled with sand. He loved it. He tossed it in the air (despite attempts to get him to stop) and giggled the whole time. Little did I know how much of a mess that was going to create. It confirmed that he would be getting a hair cut.

On Tuesday I called one of those over the top little kid salons and made an appointment.  The woman we worked with did an awesome job. I didn’t realize the clippers were even on and there went the first pass. She kept saying, “he has a lot of hair”.  Yes, I know.  Before I knew it my baby boy was no longer a baby. He has a big boy hair cut to confirm that.

Mommy did pretty well.  I wanted to back out while waiting for our turn but I didn’t.  I fought back tears during the appointment but as soon as we got to the door to leave I cried.  I just can’t believe he is so big already.



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