Still in Awe

Lights of Hope was a few weeks ago and we are still in awe at the generosity of our guests. When we started planning LOH (lights of hope) 2011 we set a goal of 230 guests. This goal was “thinking big” and we never ever dreamed we would hit our goal mark. Well we were wrong…that beautiful spring evening a few weeks ago  we shared the hopes and dreams of EOR with 270 guests. These amazing guests gave with their heart. Proceeds from LOH were almost  $96,000. In under 15 minutes during our special appeal “raise the paddle” friends generously gave $31,000 for the building on the orphanage at FOVC in Southern, Ethiopia.

Many tears of happiness we shared knowing the difference that this generosity is going to mean to the orphan and vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

The evening started off with a longtime supporter of EOR bidding $500 on a cake, an amazing generous couple bidding $14,000 on  a Mexico Villa Vacation and items going for triple over their value! It was a night we will never forget.

Guests purchased mosquito nets for the children in Ethiopia and received a Mardi Gras bead necklace. It was great to see so many guests with beads!

Each year at LOH we debut a video that shares with guests the work that has been completed with the generosity of EOR donors like YOU.

To see the work that has been completed and our hopes for the future click here.

Thank you to each guest that attended, friends who donated items, our volunteers and our planning team! It was a night we will never forget.

Save the date May 19th for Lights of Hope 2012 in Portland, Oregon.


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