We, my husband and I, had spent the day updating our adoption paperwork. When you have waited this long documents are bound to expire. We needed new fingerprints and our homestudy was in need of refreshing. We stopped for lunch at Chipotle and sat outside. It was a warm and sunny day. I stared at my phone and thought this would be the perfect time for it to ring with news of our child. It didn’t.

We came home and took photos to put into a photo album for “the baby”. I was in a horrible mood because it seemed completely pointless. I had to go to a CPR class. I sat in the class and tried not to think about the fact that I had nearly lost all hope.

My husband called me during the class and I thought that was really odd since he knew I wasn’t able to talk. My brother had flown out of town for work and I was worried something was wrong. I excused myself from the class and called Joel. I asked what was wrong and he yelled “WE GOT A REFERRAL. IT”S A BOY!” I was in shock.

I stood there sobbing and hysterical. I had to get myself together to grab my things and leave. I called him again before leaving to make sure he was serious. I called him back a few minutes later and asked if it was ok if I called a good friend who really needed some good news. He said yes and laughed.

When I finally got home after what seemed liked the worlds longest drive we raced to the computer and saw the most beautiful boy in the world. I am so very thankful for our long wait because otherwise we wouldn’t have our little boy. We decided to name him Tesfa-in Amharic it means Hope.


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