Children’s Heaven

Each and every EOR partner is close to our hearts. We all have one or two that is extra special and for me that is Children’s Heaven.

There is something about these girls that inspire me daily. On my desk sits a group photo we took on our visit in December 2009. I glance at it several times a day and look forward to reuniting with these amazing girls in November. There is one girl in particular that every single time I see a photograph of her I cry. She reminds me so much of my toddler daughter ” Tsegereda .” When I see a photograph of her I think of the dreams she has to become a scientist, that she loves to run and that she has a smile that melts my heart. It’s also a reassurance when I see the photographs knowing she is still with Hanna and the other girls at Children’s Heaven.

We have a few friends who are visiting Ethiopia and they shared some beautiful photographs of Hanna and the girls. Thank you Mike Keo Photography for the beautiful images.


Hana the director


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