the crew behind the party

In a little over a week many of you will be wearing  your favorite party dress and the men will look dapper and join us at EOR’s Lights of Hope Auction here in Portland.

Lights of Hope started in May 2009 with 84 dear family and friends. In 2010 we were joined by 198 guests. Next week we are excited to meet more new friends along with our loyal past supporters and getting close to 270 guests. Our goal was 230 and I must be honest we never dreamed we would make that goal….needless to say were a bit speechless.

Behind every party is a crew of people who are making sure every little detail is perfect. I fondly refer to this crew as my “peeps”. They each have their own ring tone on my cell phone,  each on speed dial and just this week talked to two of them at 1:30 a.m. Were a tight bunch who have shared laughs, a few tears and all have a passion for the orphan and vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

Let’s start with my side kick…..Lauren.  In 2009 Lauren and I had dinner one evening and decided we would tackle to world of fundraising by having an auction. Little did we know how much work this was going to indeed be. We gathered some “peeps” who we thought would share our vision and the name “Lights of Hope” was born. Lauren has a high stress job delivering babies yet finds time to Chair the event. She’s our rock, cheerleader, comes up some some great auction item ideas, has a zillion responsibilities  and a sponsor of the event. I adore her and am honored to call here one of my dearest cherished friends.

Lauren and her husband Casey

Jenny has been on the Lights of Hope (LOH) team for two years. She c0-chairs the event and we always refer to her as the calm one. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet Jenny recently returned from Ethiopia and brought home many of our items for the auction. Her work gets busy post event as she is in charge of getting all the guests their tax receipts. Thanks Jenny for constant encouragement.

Jenny, Danny and family

Every party crew has a member who can make everyone laugh even when they feel like crying….Meet Molly! She’s always the life of the meeting and a master chef. We love it when meetings are at her house. Molly’s on year two of auction planning this year as Co-chair. She’s in charge of check out, making sure all the winning bids get in the computers and creates our auction catalog. Thanks Molly for your amazing sense of humor.

Molly & Joe

Krista has helped us plan the past three auctions. You see her talent in many areas of the event especially with the creative writing she does with our live auction items.  Krista is moving away from the Portland area and will be missed dearly. Don’t worry she is still going to help plan via Skype. During the event night she dazzles the guests at check out. Thanks Krista for always being there and all the time you dedicate to LOH & EOR.

Krista & Ryan

When we met Andrea we hit the jackpot. Andrea share her beautiful talent of photography and creativity with us. Andrea creates our save the dates, event invite and captures the beauty of the evening on film. Thank you Andrea for your creativity and kindness.


These next three ladies are new to our LOH committee this year! We are so happy to have them on our team. These ladies are the ‘procurement team.” They come up with auction item ideas and spend hours and hours seeking out donations. How lucky we are that they share their time with us! Can’t say enough great things about them. So happy they want to commit to more planning next year. Meet Annie, Nicole & Vivianne. Thanks for your fresh ideas and energy!

Vivi & Pete

Annie & James

Nicole, Chuck & family

There you have it. Nine amazing women who have a passion for children in their children’s homeland. We may be a small group yet our hearts are huge and were all so very proud of the Lights of Hope event.

This past weekend we enjoyed a “girl’s weekend” of pedicures, food, shopping, several rounds of “truth, truth, lie,” more food and a slumber party at a Portland Hotel. It was a time to celebrate all the planning and hard work everyone has given.

Once last thank you needs to go to the men in our lives. Our husbands. They probably didn’t realize that when their wives signed up for the committee that it was meetings twice a month from September to April and then 2-3 meeting a week in May. Thank you for all the extra help you give, watching the kids during our meetings and being our biggest cheerleaders. We are so thankful for each of you.

Next Saturday evening, May 14th we will celebrate with 270 guests who are the Lights of Hope for the orphans in Ethiopia.




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