let it rain, rain, rain…

It seems as though the Midwest — and perhaps much of the country — has been hit with some pretty heavy rains as of late.

It’s been the topic of “small talk” around here lately (doesn’t most small talk seem to involve weather?  Or is it just me?).  Yes, I’ve found myself in conversations with strangers and acquaintances lamenting the rainy weather.  But really, the rain hasn’t really bothered me much.

Why?  Because I have a roof over my head.  Because I have (more than) adequate shelter to protect me from the elements.

I’m not saying this to be all “lecture-y” because really, I have to give my darling husband credit for this thought.  He brought it up the other day.  When I mentioned the EOR blog, he said something along the lines of, “How’s the brick project going?  Think of those children in weather like this.”  And he’s absolutely right.  While I, for one, have been spending my rainy days dry and warm inside, the orphaned children in the Shanto region of Ethiopia spend their rainy days in an “open-air” classroom (translation: no roof).

The Ethiopian “rainy season” is coming very soon.  Please think about this today … tomorrow … or the next time you look out the window and see the rain.  Please, if you can, help put a roof over their heads too!.


Photo credit: ILRI



One thought on “let it rain, rain, rain…

  1. Thank you Alex for this great reminder. Living here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest comes with the price of endless days of rain. Next time I find myself complaining about the rain (which I admit have done so many times the past few weeks) I’ll remember your beautiful post. So great to have you here at EOR.

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