Mein Verlangen

Lucky me! Last night, my mom took the kids out for a movie, so Albert and I had a date night, capitol city-style. A delicious gluten free dinner was a given, but we weren’t sure what we’d do for entertainment. Movies are always nice, but we were hoping for something a little swankier.

A search through the DC weekender turned up a Bach concert in Chinatown. Much cheaper than some of the other performances scheduled last night, it was also early enough for my sleepy-after-9pm-hubby :). A benefit performance, it was free, although donations were requested.

The music was incredible, but the benefit even more so. 13 years ago, an 8th grade girl created a Girl Scout service project to bring school supplies to girls in El Salvador. Encouraged to do more than send some pencils and paper by her minister and his wife, Laura initiated the Shalom Scholarship Fund. In the first year, with the help of various fellowships within her church, Laura raised more than 1500.00. This year, through a variety of projects, including the benefit concert, the Shalom Scholarship Fund hopes to raise $10,000–enough to send each of the sponsored students to university.

It was amazing to see a simple Girl Scout project blossom into a life’s calling. Laura wasn’t at the concert, but her mother, who spoke about the scholarship fund, was, and she spoke at length about her daughter’s commitment to the fund.

As the music washed over me, I thought about all of the people who have found a life’s work in Ethiopia, and in all of the people who will find ways to give in the future. Who knows where a Bar Mitzvah project or a Key Club fundraiser will lead? Do YOU have a fundraising opportunity waiting for you?

The concert last night was a powerful one. The music a lovely springboard to a fountain of ideas about giving.


Wird der Seele reiner Schein
Dennoch gleich den Engeln prangen


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