Lego masterpiece

I’m on vacation with my sweet little family in DC. We come here often enough that we each have favorite museums, and are familiar with the guards and docents at each.

Yesterday, we went to the National Building Museum (again!). Located off the mall, it is rarely crowded, even when the other sites are hopping! Our favorite exhibit was still there–a number of America’s most famous buildings made entirely from LEGO! My 4-year-old was most interested in which buildings I had visited in real life. I was pleased to note that I had been to many, including the Hancock building, the Arch, the Empire State building, and even the White House. Although it was pleasing to note that I’ve been to several of these Lego masterpieces, the Lego structure I’m most eager to visit is the amazing school and orphan care center WE all are building at FOVC. With every Lego brick that we add to the wall, real bricks are being purchased for FOVC’s newest creation. I know it will be the most magnficent place I ever visit

Thank you, for choosing to make a real difference in the lives of real kids. We could never do it without you.

Click here to buy a brick.



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