Teacher Appreciation

A teacher affect eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.   Henry Brooks Adams

The week of May 2nd is dedicated to Teacher Appreciation Week. This is a week to thank teachers for the countless hours of dedication that they give to our children.

Many parents acknowledge this day by giving a small gift to their children’s teachers as a small way to say thank you.

I have several friends who are teachers and they all shared they love receiving the “apple” theme gifts and truly appreciate them yet the gifts that make a lasting impression are the hand written notes from the children and the gifts to charity in their honor.

While I can’t help you pick out the red apple gift, I am more then happy to help you with a in honor gift. Need some ideas? How about a brick or two or ten, a mosquito net for children in Southern Ethiopia where Malaria is a constant worry, a donation to one of our partner organizations, a set of our notecards that were created by children adopted from Ethiopia, the ideas are endless

For each gift given we would love to email/mail a card to the teacher that a gift has been made in their honor.

  • $10 will provide 2 mosquito nets
  • $15  for a set of note cards (8 images)
  • $5 will provide 10 bricks
  • $10 will provide 20 bricks
  • $15 will provide 30 bricks

If you would like to make a donation for this project please click here and specify which item you would like to purchase.



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