They look like me!

Although having a husband who works out of town every week for years at a time often feels more like a curse than blessing, there are a number of benefits. Lots of hotel points and air miles mean we rarely pay for trips out of town. A client site in Washington DC makes it possible to visit a handsome daddy AND the National Mall pretty often–which makes all of us very happy. The happiest of all of us might be our four year old, Astrid Meklit. She chirped made up songs all week about our spring break journey. As we made the 8 hour drive on Friday, she warbled a similar tuneless song, and this time, I heard the words:

“the people, in the town, they look like me
On the bus, and on the train (that goes underground)
And in the museums, they look like me.
I love DC, cause the people look like me
Not just babies, but big people too”

I asked her about the song, and after a little embarrassment, (really mama? You listened to me?) she told me that she likes to be in DC, where there are “lots of people from Ethiopia, which is from Africa, instead of just the people we know in our town.”

And while we have scores of Ethiopian friends, both littles and grownups, and things are pretty diverse in our little universe, clearly, DC, with it’s awesome museums and metro system also offers other charms to my sweet Ethiopian girl. The Ethiopian bus driver, the Amhara man in line at Chipotle, the cute habesha girls at the Gap–they are an integral part of her DC visit.

That 8+ hour drive? We’ll be making it as often as we can.



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