raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

Here’s the latest update, another 140 bricks for the sweet kids at FOVC.  With these newest bricks added, we’ve donated more than 3700 bricks.  Thank YOU, friends! YOU have chosen to make a difference!

the newest bricks start with the row of white near the top

You know, on days like today, it’s easy to wish for endless hours in the sunshine.  We weren’t the only family to visit the playground at the end of preschool today.  It was beautiful–66 degrees and sunny, without a cloud in the sky.  The moms stood and chatted, idly pushing the nearest swing, and the littles were happy to play–swinging, digging, running.  Within a moment, an hour wooshed by, so we all murmured goodbyes and reluctantly left for a day of errands, or lunch and a nap.

I imagine that the orphans of FOVC feel the same delight when the sun is bright and the air is cool.  It’s fun to run and play, to feel the wind on your face, as you chase a soccer ball.  I imagine it’s less fun to be outside when the wind dumps a layer of dirt on your lunch, or snatches your math paper away.  It’s probably less appealing still, to be outside when the rains come, or the sun shines so brightly that you long for just a little shade.

My four year old was a little resentful when I told her that we’d be spending the afternoon inside rather than in the sun.  My need to work on EOR affairs seems far less exciting than a bike ride, or digging in the sand box.  At 4, she’s all about the power of NOW.  Right NOW, she’d like to be outside on a scooter, or stalking the ice cream truck; she’s too busy to think of others.  Lucky for all of us, YOU are able to think beyond NOW.  You know that while it’s sunny and springlike here (and maybe even in Shanto), very soon, the rainy season starts.  In the next few months, huge downpours will soak Ethiopia for days and days on end.  Thinking about those torrential rains and the kids who have no choice but to live in the wet and the mud, makes it easy for me to dig a little deeper, sell a few more things on craigslist, and put a few little extras back at the grocery store, so I can add to the brick fund.  I hope you can think about that near future too, when you make your own commitment to providing bricks for FOVC.

Paige (who would like you to donate right HERE)


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