An Investment with Immeasurable Returns

For the last several weeks, I’ve been taking classes to get my real estate license in Ohio.  So forgive me with this post  — real estate is on my brain! — but I wanted to share with you how much my classes reminded me of the great work EOR is doing with FOVC in Shanto.
Throughout my classes, we’d talk about building costs, structures, and things that make a home or structure “functionally obsolete” or “undesirable” (one example given was a house with one bathroom for five people).  And while yes, in today’s market that is true — most of us find two or more bathrooms to be much more accommodating to our families — I couldn’t help but think of the children our friends at FOVC are helping in the Shanto region of Ethiopia.
Now I’m quite new to EOR, but I do know that before EOR began helping FOVC build the children a new orphanage building, the children had NO bathroom facility.  Can you imagine?  I can’t help but think: why does my family need two or more bathrooms when these children in Shanto don’t have ONE?
Let’s become partners and “invest” in FOVC’s orphanage in Shanto.  No, it’s not the type of investment most people consider when they think about investing in real estate.  This type of investment won’t give you the opportunity for passive income.  But it IS a relatively inexpensive investment (each brick costs only 50 cents), and it WILL provide countless, immeasurable returns … if you consider our children’s futures to be a worthy return on investment.
You’ve seen the “Lego bricks” Paige has been posting on the blog.  The structure’s going up, and the children of FOVC  now have kitchen and bathroom facilities.  All thanks to gracious people like YOU!  But we CAN’T stop here.  We need to finish building this desperately needed orphanage and school for the children.  They deserve to have a roof over their heads, a place to sleep, and a place to study.  Of course, you and I both know they deserve so much more than that … but it begins with a safe, comfortable place to live, learn and grow.
Children are our most precious investment — so let’s “partner up” and invest in the children today.

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