Can’t believe it’s been 4 years

Our story, like many others begins with infertility. After five years of fertility treatments and five pregnancy losses we were given the most perfect gift, a son, through domestic adoption. Our process went very smooth. We had contacted a private adoption attorney and almost three months later became a family. Our son was 12 hours old the first time we held him in our arms. I will never forget that moment of becoming a family.
We pursued the domestic route of adoption to add another child to our family.  This route became heartbreaking as we had three failed adoptions. After each heartache we felt that our family just wasn’t complete yet. Our path turned to International Adoption and Ethiopia.
After spending a few months looking at agencies we found the perfect fit for us  and worked on getting all our paperwork assembled in a orderly fashion. The waiting for our referral was so difficult. We would daily wonder “is today the day we will receive the call about our child?”  After 135 days of waiting we were referred a beautiful,  baby girl who was seven weeks old. She was given the name of Tsegereda, which translated is Rose. She came from a city of Roses, Awassa, Ethiopia and would join us her forever family in the City of Roses’s Portland.

In a few weeks it will be 4 years since the first time we held met and held her.  The time has flew bye way to fast. As this day approaches I have so many  emotions including my thoughts of  her first family. The family who gave her life and made that most difficult decision to place her in a safe place. I wish with all my heart that somehow they knew how much this child is loved by so many people. We hope that somehow a half a world away in a little village of Awassa, Ethiopia that this first family who gave her life can somehow know that our family thanks them for this most precious child.


first time meeting our daughter


3 thoughts on “Can’t believe it’s been 4 years

  1. I am so glad that God has blessed you with such a wonderful family! Rose certainly is an absolute joy! And you are doing a marvelous job in all that you do for the other orphans in Ethiopia. May God pour out His blessings upon you and all those orphans!

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