Water 1st update

One of the many things I love about our work with EOR is the updates we receive from our partner organizations. Yesterday was a extra special day as three of our partners sent new photographs and project updates. We wanted to share with YOU our donors so you can see the amazing work that is being done because of YOUR giving! Thanks for all you do!  Here is our Water 1st update.                                                                                                                                                                   Kim

Water 1st salutes Ethiopian Orphan Relief ! Thank you for your concrete actions to resolve the global water crisis. The community of Kelecho Gerbi, Ethiopia is scheduled to complete its water project any day. From that day forward, every day will be World Water Day for them.

In 1993, the United Nations declared March 22nd as World Water Day. The purpose of World Water Day is to set aside a time to assess where we’ve come with regards to the goal of securing universal access to safe water and a toilet. On the whole, the world’s governments tend to perform much better on goals that promote the interests of the wealthy and powerful. The needs of the world’s poorest are often acknowledged, but real solutions are rarely pursued with the necessary purposefulness and tenacity. We often look back on the year and see more opportunities missed than opportunities seized.

In 2011, Ethiopian Orphan Relief can celebrate a year of action. Your generous contribution of $10,000 was put to work in Kelecho Gerbi, Ethiopia, a community of 4,085 people who struggle each day to meet their daily need for water. Any day now, their project will be complete and everyone will have beautiful, clear, safe water within a few minutes of their house. Your contribution funded the construction of one of the nine public water points and the pipe needed to convey the water to the taps. Water 1st visited the community in February and saw the progress they had made and spoke to the community members who will be running the system and keeping it operational once the construction phase comes to a close. Everything was progressing according to plan.

Thank you for your efforts that have led to actual progress toward meeting our goal of safe water and a toilet for all!

A photo of the public tap funded by YOU our donors. Six faucets will be added just before the system becomes operational. A fence will be constructed around the concrete pad to keep people and animals away from the water point outside of it’s hours of operations.


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