The Tribe


When my husband and I began the adoption process we hoped we would be blessed with a child.  We waited for a long time compared to many parents I know.  Our journey took two years.  While waiting we met so many wonderful people.  I lovingly refer to our close group of friends as “The Tribe”.   I’m not sure how I would have survived the wait without them.  On my worst days they called and emailed to make sure I was ok.  They even had a surprise “Sprinkling” (a mini shower even before we had a referral) to lift my spirits.  And on great days they share in your joy.


Now that our son is home I still rely on them for their words of wisdom and encouragement.  We speak openly and honestly about the trials and tribulations of adoption and parenting with no fear of judgment.   Parenting is hardwork and being able to have this common ground with so many wonderful people is amazing.




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