‘Buy a Brick, Build a Legacy’

If, like me, you love to redecorate and remodel, then this is the perfect fundraising campaign for you.

Our partner, FOVC, is building from the ground up, largely thanks to YOUR support.  Currently, this orphan care center and school meets in a large open-air plaza (you would probably think of it as a muddy yard).  As lovely as an open-air classroom sounds, I love the idea of a remodel for these great people.  Initial disbursements from EOR have paid for new sanitation facilities and a few classrooms.  By the end of this “Buy a Brick…” campaign, FOVC will be a lovely grouping of buildings designed as classrooms, dormitories, and activity rooms, with a yard used for play and laundry, not math class or lunch.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of this project.  Desalegn ‘s plan for FOVC will provide for the orphans of FOVC as well as many of the people in the town of Shanto. From clean water to classrooms, to vocational training for widows, Desalegn and his staff are working hard for everyone in the area.

As much as I’d like to hope that someone could write a check for $50,000.00 to pay for the remainder of this project, I’m a realist.  We need 100,000 bricks at 50 cents each, to complete this project.  Every single one of us has the means to provide a brick.  Many of us can pay for more than one.  We welcome every donation, large and small.   If you can’t imagine making a sizable donation right now, why not search the house for loose change, and send us a check?  Maybe you could sell an unwanted item on Craigslist or organize a penny drive at your synagogue or child’s school?  Maybe, you could give the gift of bricks for a birthday or Mother’s Day?  Kim made the most-amazing cards to send to people honored by your gift–we’ll rush them right out to anyone you’d like to honor.

Need more details?  Check out this nifty flier, also made by the terrifically-talented Kim:

We’ll be tracking the campaign with a series of LEGO pictures.  Each pip on a LEGO brick represents a real brick being placed in a real wall in Shanto Ethiopia.  I can’t wait to run out of LEGO  (and really, we have scads) while marking the progress!

As always, we welcome your donations here:

Paige (who’s off to build a LEGO wall!)


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