World Water Day 2011

Water affects every aspect of our lives, yet nearly one billion people around the world don’t have clean drinking water, and 2.6 billion still lack basic sanitation. World Water Day, celebrated annually on March 22, was established by the United Nations in 1992 and focuses attention on the world’s water crisis, as well as the solutions to address it.

Last year, Ethiopian Orphan Relief partnered with Water 1st, to bring clean water and sanitation to the people of Kelecho Gerbi.  Together we raised more than 10,000.00 to support this incredible project.  Knowing that 5 million people, mostly children under the age of 5, die each year from water-related illnesses, EOR‘s board members recognize the importance of supporting a water-related project in Ethiopia continually.  As soon as we finish funding one project, we look for another.  After funding Water 1st’s Kelecho Gerbi project last year, we began raising the funds to build FOVC’s orphan care center in Shanto.  Our initial funds paid for new sanitation facilities at FOVC, and as soon as they were underway, Desalegn shared pictures of the new facilities, as well as the old one.

Aren’t those pictures humbling?  In a universe where I routinely imagine a bathroom remodel because mine feels “a little cramped” hundreds of people are living better lives because EOR helped to build outhouses.   On a day when I will gripe about how long it takes to find the matching lid for the water bottle needed during fencing practice, millions of girls and women will work for hours to bring filthy water home to their families. This morning, while both my washer and my dishwasher are chugging, chugging, chugging away, I can appreciate how very lucky I am to have such an easy way to clean and sanitize the too-much that clutters our lives, and in one short hour, when I dash to preschool to pick up my beautiful Ethiopian daughter, I can smile at the endless rain and be grateful once more that our drinking water won’t come from a puddle today.

If you are thankful for clean water, leave a comment today.  If you are especially thankful for clean water, consider linking this post to your own blog or facebook page, and let us know that you’ve done so.  I’ll add a dollar for every comment or link to my own water donation today.

Happy World Water Day,




4 thoughts on “World Water Day 2011

  1. We have the most generous donors here at EOR! Each of them is making such a difference in a child’s life in Ethiopia. Thank you Paige or the great blog post reminding us of the work that had been done and how much more we need to do.

  2. Thank you EOR for your great support to bring real change in the lives of poorest children in Ethiopia and thank you Paige for your beautiful expression and sharing this with us! -Desalegn, FOVC, Executive Director

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