123 dresses

This summer we put out the idea if you knew how to sew we could use your help in creating dresses for the girls in Ethiopia. The dresses would then be hand delivered in December by Team Tasfa, a group traveling to Southern Ethiopia. The response we received was astounding and the dresses kept coming and coming.

Allyson, from Portland put together a group of her friends and they created 123 dresses. Yes, you read that right 123 adorable dresses that are sure to brighten a girls life in Ethiopia. Allyson learned about EOR last year when she volunteered the night of Lights of Hope auction. Since then she has been a superstar volunteer with Project Gena backpacks and the sewing project. Allyson and her husband are anxiously awaiting a travel date to meet their baby in Ethiopia. Thank you Allyson for always being so willing to help EOR. We appreciate all you do.

To see a slideshow of the 123 creations Allyson and her friends from Cascade College, Kezier Church of Christ, & Circle of Christ church in Corvallis created click here




2 thoughts on “123 dresses

  1. EOR has such talented people in its corner. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Allyson and her many talented (and happy!) friends who contributed their time and energy an love to this project.

    Great video as always, Ms Kim!!!

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