part three…getting to know the faces behind EOR

Did you know that EOR is a 100% volunteer organization? Every board member gives their time and talent daily in a variety of ways to help EOR grow. We thought we would “introduce” you in the next few weeks to the faces behind Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR.)

Katie joined the EOR family a few years ago. She was first one of our “official” volunteers and then became a board member a year after that. Katie is the EOR  secretary and also co-chairs the Tasfa event in Colorado. When we think of Katie we think of sense of humor, calm, a passion for orphans, and a multi, multi, multi tasking Mom.

Katie is the mom to 8 children, five of them from Ethiopia. During her “spare-time” she finds time to grow her own garden, tie-dye her kids tee-shirts, be an advocate for HIV + orphans, orchestrate her family of 10 activities and still finds time in her day to share with EOR.

Katie created the tie-dye shirts for her kids for their Disneyland trip

This past spring my family was visiting the happiest place on earth and so was Katie’s family. We made plans to meet and she casually said “you can’t miss us, were all in matching tee-shirts.” We met at big thunder mountain and introduced our children. I was in awe of how calm Katie was. Here I was with two children and my niece and I was a nervous nelly trying to keep track of the three of them, yet Katie with her 8 children was calm as can be , just casually counting kids 1,2, 3,etc.

In November Katie traveled back to Ethiopia and visited our partner organizations, Lola and FOVC. While their she worked with the kids on art projects, talked about future needs and butchered her first LIVE chicken.

Katie recently paved the way with our newest partner Lola, a HIV + orphanage in Mekele, Ethiopia. Thank you Katie for all you do for EOR, for your sense of humor, and for the undying passion you have for the children in Ethiopia.


Katie visiting FOVC in Southern Ethiopia


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