Amharic Kids, and the latest update

A big self-congratulatory celebration for EOR!   Amharic Kids held a contest via facebook, asking friends of Amharic Kids to share information about their favorite Ethiopian non-profit organizations. I am pleased to say that Ethiopian Orphan Relief was selected as one of two to receive a very generous $150.00 gift.

Amharic Kids is a terrific online shop selling a variety of items from and pertaining to Ethiopia and Ethiopian culture. My family owns the Amharic color and number beanbags (among other products from AK) and I can attest, they are played with daily.  Lots of other great products too, I love to shop there!

Thanks you so much Staci for providing beautiful products, and for the generous prize.  We are SO pleased you are part of this community.

Here’s the latest thermometer for our annual campaign.  As you can see, we’re 95% of the way to meeting our goal.

With two days left, will you make a donation for clean water, or medical supplies?  Will you add your 10.00 to feed an orphan for 12 days?  No contribution is too small.  Please donate today.

Thanks to all of YOU who have made this campaign a success!



One thought on “Amharic Kids, and the latest update

  1. It is our pleasure to support fellow adoptive mom’s doing great things and helping out in Ethiopia! Keep up the good work – hopefully some day we can meet in person. Best to you!

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