part two….getting to know the faces behind EOR

When we all think of Jenny we think of calm. She has this amazing calming spirit. It can be the hour before Lights of Hope (EOR’s Portland event) and Lauren and myself are frantic yet Jenny is right beside us smiling and calm as ever. She is truly amazing.

Jenny joined the EOR family this past year and is our Treasurer. Along with those duties she also Chairs the Lights of Hope Auction, volunteers at Day of African child and much more.

Jenny is the mom to four adorable children, two girls, two boys, two who are from Ethiopia. In her “free time” she can be found volunteering with her children’s school, helping with the extended family business and searching for ladybugs.

Yes, you read that right searching for ladybugs. This past June EOR board member Lauren was turning the big 40. In her honor we threw her a surprise birthday party. Jenny loves gardening and her gift to Lauren was a HUGE hanging pot. While shopping for that perfect hanging pot she also picked up 1500 ladybugs. Jenny then proceed to arrive my house, when I opened the door there she stood with her usual beautiful smile and happy self. She then tells me that her children had just opened the container of 1500 ladybugs in her car and that ladybugs were all over the place. She was so calm while telling the story. I don’t think I’d be so calm. I told her think of all the great luck that will be coming your way with 1500 ladybugs. A few months later she received her referral on her 4th child.

Thank you Jenny for all you do for EOR. Thank you for your friendship and the great example of compassion and faith that you share with all of us.



Jenny and a few months baby boy #4 will join the family.


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