Getting to know the faces behind EOR

Did you know that EOR is a 100% volunteer organization? Every board member gives their time and talent daily in a variety of ways to help EOR grow. We thought we would “introduce” you in the next few weeks to the faces behind Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR.)

Let’s start with Paige our Vice President. This lovely lady hails from Ohio and is the proud mom of two children, one from Ethiopia. Paige has been an EOR board member since pretty much the start.  She wears multiple hats at EOR! Along with her VP duties, she also is our newsletter editor, in charge of our blog, the chair of our annual fundraising campaign and is chairing the Dead of Winter Bash in March, plus lots more.

How she does all of this is simply amazing as she’s also a stay at home Mom who shuttles two kids to school, multiple activities, is an exceptional cook, makes beautiful crafts and so much more. She also has flown out for every EOR event from Colorado to Oregon.

I was truly in awe of Paige’s grace & dignity this past May 8th. It was the evening of Lights of Hope, EOR’s fundraising event here in Portland. Paige had just learned a few hours prior that her Dad had passed away unexpectedly. This was devastating news yet Paige with her grace stood before the guests and showed her support of EOR. Paige shined that night and I remember thinking how proud her Pops would be of her at that moment.

Paige holds a extra special place in my heart as she met my daughter before I did. While in Ethiopia bringing her daughter home she was able to take photographs, hold and love my baby and tell her that soon we would arrive to bring her home.

Thanks Paige for all you do for your daughter’s homeland. We are honored to have you as part of the EOR family and thankful for all the things you do.


Paige (middle) with board members Lauren & Jenny


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