Sew loving it

It is simply amazing to us how we put the plea out there to you our grand supporters for help in creating dresses for the girls in Ethiopia. We are speechless at how many of these creations have arrived at the EOR doorstep.

Meet Staci and her wonderful friends, Jacy, Daija, D’s mom, Lacey & Christina. Staci has a heart for orphans in Ethiopia. She’s the proud mom to a Ethiopian tot. She and her east coast friends created the most dazzling 24 dresses. They are made out of men’s shirts. How creative is that! Seriously folks, these dresses would sell in a boutique for top dollar. I fell in love with quite a few of them. I boxed them all up and shipped them to the midwest where Team Tasfa will hand deliver each and every dress to Ethiopia.

Thank you Staci and friends for your generosity and creativity. When I grow up I hope I can learn to sew like you.

Kim  “sew loving it” highjacked from Staci’s blog


6 thoughts on “Sew loving it

  1. Cheri! Thanks again for your zillion dresses! You, Tammy, Staci and her friends should all open a Etsy store together! I promise I’d be a good shopper!
    Hope to see you soon my Montana friend!

    Lory! Wish I was going on this trip with you! Take LOTS of photos so we can share with these amazing sewers how happy the girls in Ethiopia were to receive their gifts.

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