Time has come today…

A few weeks ago, I promised you an online fundraising campaign this week!) to replace our annual letter.  I assured you that we would share an update about each of our partners, so that you can have a clearer picture of what your funds have done this year (in short:  provided clean water for thousands, new beds and bedding for dozens, daily meals for 100 girls, new classrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen in Shanto, and new classrooms in Hosanna too.)  With all of those accomplishments on your list, it might be tempting to rest on your laurels, but I KNOW you won’t.  You are eager to fund more clean water, and classrooms, and health care and libraries.  You KNOW that each and every dollar you donate goes directly to benefit the orphans and vulnerable children of Ethiopia–EOR remains a volunteer organization–our costs are few so that our donations work harder for the children we serve.

NOW, now is the time to make a donation to Ethiopian Orphan Relief.  Please help me sleep again–I have agonized over the decision to cancel the annual fundraising letter. Would it be better to spend that money (on postage and stationery) to generate more funds?  Do people respond more positively to a letter rather than an online appeal?  Only you can answer this question and  only you can continue the good work you’ve started.  Please join me, and the rest of the board in funding our partners and projects.  You can choose to fund a specific project:  Lola, the HIV+ orphan care center, or our water project, or one of our other worthy partners, or you can donate to the general fund so that we can direct your money to the project with the greatest need.

Special gifts going out to random donors.  I’ll announce those later this week.

With immense gratitude for all you’ve done, and all that you continue to do…


*who would be gladder still if you choose to make a recurring donation–it’s easy and painless!


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