World AIDS Day

Yesterday, I got back from a trip to Ethiopia. While I was there, I had so many
experiences and met so many wonderful people that I cannot possibly recount the tale here. So today I will focus on our
newest partner organization, Lola. Lola Children’s Home focuses exclusively on providing help for children affected by HIV/ AIDS. It is located in Mekele in northern Ethiopia.

As a mother of three HIV-positive children, Lola is an organization that is close to my heart. I met the founder, Abebe Fantahun,when I was in the process of my last adoption. Heis a wonderful man who woke up in the middle of the night, arranged a driver, and took my son and I
to the hospital when my son was super sick in Addis.
I cannot express my gratitude for this selfless
act of service when others turned away. For Abebe,
serving others is a way of life and his organization reflects that in every way.

I was lucky enough to visit Lola last week and the
amazing staff and facility blew me away. Lola
provides daycare services for 3 children and
full-time care for another 5. The children receive
three meals a day and schooling while they are
in Lola. Lola’s loving staff is a surrogate family
for the children. Everyone from the social workers
to the cooks plays and cares for those eight sweet

I have been to Ethiopia and have seen many orphan
care centers. I won’t depress you with tales of the
worst, but suffice it to say, I have seen those
dreary places. Lola is one of the best. The
children are a happy part of the Lola family and are
little joys. We played soccer, tie-dyed t-shirts,
and took the children to an amusement park.

I won’t soon forget the sweet smile of 7 year old Y,
little J, the one year old bossy princess, or N,
the pouting sumo wrestler of a boy whose wild
facial expressions make everyone laugh.
Lola was Abebe’s dream only a year ago and now it
is a wonderful reality.
Please consider supporting them. Today is
World AIDS Day.  As we consider the
MILLIONS of children affected by HIV/AIDS, let us
also consider giving and making a difference
in the lives of  these children.



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