Update IV: SOS/EE

When EOR began in early 2008, it was clear that we would include SOS EE as a partner.  At that time, the majority of the board members had adopted children through Dove International, and Dove works with SOS EE, so we had firsthand knowledge of some of the orphanages in the system, and had already identified some needs, in particular, play equipment for the older boys and girls.  For those of you unfamiliar with SOS EE, I’ve included a blurb from our website…

For two decades, SOS Enfants Ethiopie (SOS EE) has committed itself to provide humanitarian services to orphans and vulnerable children who are leading their life under difficult circumstances.  Specifically, SOS EE aims to provide these children with basic needs, psychosocial support, medical, academic and vocational education which would enable them to be self reliant citizens. This large organization now supports 18 satellite orphanages throughout Ethiopia, as well as 3 main orphanages in Addis Ababa, a current total of 657 children are supported. Their programs are varied and include community outreach, farming, job training, and a premier medical program that cares for HIV positive children.  In 2009, EOR stocked a newly built medical clinic with essential equipment, medications and supplies. A new playground was also completed and a satellite orphanage in Harar was filled with hand delivered toys from EOR board members.

With so many funded projects in 2009, we turned our efforts to other partners throughout 2010.   We’d love to fund additional projects at SOS/EE in 2011, because as always, there are additional needs to be met.  Specifically, SOS/EE has asked us to fund a medical transport vehicle so that children who need medical care can be safely transported from satellite locations to Addis Ababa, where advanced medical care is more readily available.  The board can’t wait to help fund this vehicle; we hope you feel that way too.

If you have your own ideas about needs to be met at SOS/EE or any of our partner organizations, please share.

Paige (proud mama to an SOS/EE cutie too!)


2 thoughts on “Update IV: SOS/EE

  1. I wanted to know why Toukoul had clothing dryers that I could see. Laundry at Toukoul is completely insane to keep up with for all those kids, and during rainy season for the life of me I have no idea how they manage. I always wanted to know if it was too expensive to purchase dryers, or if electricity to keep them running too expensive, or what. I bet if they wanted, many Toukoul families would want to donate to get those poor laundry workers a dryer or two.

  2. I’ve thought about that too, but always assumed it was an electricity issue (or a pricing one). I remember that a group of us bought a refrigerator for Toukoul 3 back in 2006 and the price was much higher than I expected (close to or more than US prices, if memory serves) but still something to investigate–thanks for the suggestion!

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