Update the third: FOVC

Last spring, EOR received a proposal from a new-to-us orphan care center, Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children.  The proposal was a  beautifully crafted  three phase plan for creating a top-notch center for both orphans and vulnerable children in Shanto, an area in the Southern region of Ethiopia.  EOR was eager to sign on, but the amount of money needed was daunting to say the least.  Tentatively, we agreed to commit what we could to FOVC, knowing that other funding sources would be needed as well.  Knowing that our initial funds would cover little more than a third of phase 1, our partners and projects chair, Lauren, got in touch with Desalegn, the director, to ask what he could do with partial funding.  He shared his desire to build a few classrooms and better sanitation facilities with the initial funding, so we were happy to send the funds.  Within weeks, Desalegn was sending pictures of the progress being made.
FOVC's original latrineThe old facilitiesThe new 4 latrine facility!
Those of us on the board are SO excited to see your money hard at work.  Your gifts of attention, financial support, and backpacks mean more than you could imagine to the children of FOVC.
This week, lucky board member Katie, and our good friend, Becky were able to visit FOVC during their personal trip to Ethiopia.  I’ve included the blog post from Desalegn, so you can see just how much fun they had.
Every single thing we accomplish makes me so very proud to be part of this organization.  Saying yes–yes to Desalegn, yes to large projects, yes to making dreams come true may have been my proudest moment yet.  It was scary to commit to such a large-scale project, but I needn’t have worried–it wasn’t just 6 of us (aka, the board of EOR) committing to FOVC, it was the hundreds of us who are EOR.  Together, we can help the children of Shanto, and so many more!!!

Thursday and Friday were much blessing days for my children and FOVC’s staff at Shanto. The two very honored and beloved Americans, Katie and Becky,  visited our orphanage and school and bring us too much love, uncountable supplies, clothing, shoes, t-shirts, much needed medical supplies etc.

Here are some fantastic pictures of my children and our dearest friends Katie and Becky.



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