Meet our Ethiopia Liaison

Here at EOR we are so lucky to have an all volunteer team. Each of us from board member to President volunteer our time. Today we would like to introduce you to our Ethiopia Liaison, Kimberly. You might remember us highlighting Kimberly during volunteer week. Kimberly has been actively involved  with EOR for a few years. Recently she along with her husband and 5 children moved to Ethiopia to work with Wycliff Bible Translators.

Kimberly’s official title is “Ethiopia Liaison.”  She is working alongside Lauren  our Project & Partner Chair. Kimberly  in her free time has been visiting our partner organizations in Ethiopia to continue the great working relationship and follow up on projects. She’s only been in Ethiopia since late summer and has already made a huge impact on our partners. Close to her heart is Children’s Heaven. She is really enjoying getting to know the girls there and work with Hanna to see what future needs will be. Recently she shared these thoughts on one of her visits:

“The girls at C.H. have captured our hearts. This is a true heaven for these girls. Most of them do not have fathers and many have lost their moms or their moms have AIDS and their lives are just plain HARD. However, the smiles and hugs are so warm and pure. Hanna is a national who used to live in the states and when she came to visit her dad, she realized how many needs there were and made a deal with God and asked for 3 years to prepare. Well, 3 years came and gone and then she was brought here to open this girls haven. The girls are school age and come every day for a meal and tutoring. Some of the girls come for lunch if their school is close enough and the rest come after school and take their lunch home to eat for dinner. Many of the girls only have this meal and even with that have to share with their family. It makes them happy to have something to give to their family. Then the girls get to come to this home all day Saturday and have two meals a day. They have songs and worship much of the day and some kind of activity. This past week they had just gotten a basketball hoop and so our kids got to help teach them how to play basketball. Our kids are loving getting to hang out there and build relationships. Last week there was a mama with two little girls and there is no father and she is dying of bone cancer. She can’t stand up straight and there is nothing they can do for her to help manage her pain. She is obviously very poor and does not seem like she has long. She is trying to enroll her daughters in this program, but there is a waiting list of 200 girls for the already filled 70 spots. Hanna has hopes to get to grow this program if she can get funding. When I am there I so want to know the language so I can really communicate beyond a smile or a hug. There is a girl named A, who is probably 12, and lives alone. Her mother died and then her father remarried and the new mother did not accept this daughter. He put her back at their home all by herself. She is amazing and does well in school, but Hanna worries about her safety. This program is imperative for A life.

Kimberly will be representing EOR and delivering the Project Gena backpacks to Children’s Heaven  along with Team Tasfa. She has arranged for a photographer to capture the joy in the girls faces when they receive their gifts.

We miss Kimberly so much here in Oregon as she is one of my dearest friends, yet find comfort in knowing that she is doing great work in Ethiopia and giving back to her son’s homeland.



Kimberly and family


One thought on “Meet our Ethiopia Liaison

  1. What an honor for me to know someone whose life is making an impact. Blessings to EOR, Kimberly, and all the efforts being made in such a poverty-stricken nation. We’ll be delivering our backpacks to you(?) on Sunday. Glad to know they will be going into such capable hands!! 🙂

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