First Trip, Second Time

It’s not much longer until my family and I will be traveling to Ethiopia. This will be our second trip there. Our first trip was for our first adoption. I remember waiting for the moment we would hold our daughter. I remember waiting in a small room and then seeing the nurse come to the door holding her. The room was so quiet, we were in awe of her and as she looked us over we took in every precious bit of her. It was a moment that will remain in our hearts and minds forever. We spent our week in Ethiopia getting to know her, making friends and developing a real appreciation for Ethiopia’s culture. When the time came to fly home we were so excited to introduce her to our other family members, but it was also very hard to leave. Our daughter would be leaving the land she was born in and we new there was so much more to take in than just one week could offer. After we returned home anytime I would smell smoke from a neighbor’s fire it would take me back to the Ethiopia. When we would go out to an Ethiopian restaurant we would savor the food a bit more and when we heard Amharic spoken it would touch our hearts.

Now, in a few short weeks we’ll be returning to Ethiopia, this time we’ll stay a bit longer and this time it will be for our second adoption. In just a few short weeks we’ll be meeting our son for the first time. The process has changed since our first adoption and our feelings about this trip are a little different too. This time we are looking forward to seeing again the coming and going of school children in their uniforms, the sound of Ethiopian music drifting through a window in the evening, the smell of the fires burning. We look forward to feeling the coolness of the morning and the warmth of the day. There are friends we look forward to embracing and spending time with and places we hope to see more of or see for the first time. We’ll be taking our children again, and it will be chance for our youngest daughter to visit the land of her birth again. This time we’ll have to leave without our son, but with the peace of knowing we’ll get to return for him soon. We’re grateful that while he waits for us to return he will be cared for by his loving nannies and we are thankful that his orphanage exists with the support of generous donors and caring individuals to care for him and other children who have become orphans.



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