Come all ye Faithful

So at this time of year, Halloween has ended and Christmas has entered the stores. Thus, my children are sure that Christmas is only two seconds away, and the list making commences. Some of my more industrious children began their lists in July and one in particular has created something that can only be referred to as a manifesto.
Here is my four year old’s list, as dictated to his father.
“Dear Santa,
Gimme all the Justice League , please, for Christmas. Thank you for giving me Justice League. Also, I like Mr. Freeze, then Superman can kill Freeze like a bug and then Superman can come punch ballers or fire. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha”
My husband said that the maniacal laughter at that point took over the discussion.
At my house, the children get something to play with, something to wear, and something to read and then a big communal gift from Santa. This year, we will be adding stockings from Project Gena as their gift to others. What are your holiday plans?



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