Waiting for Superman

My Superman is a five year old boy who I’ll call A, who has been living at a care center in Addis Ababa for the past 2 months.   My family was matched with A about three weeks ago, when we saw him on our agency’s waiting child list and decided that he would be a good fit for us.

Since submitting our paperwork at that time, we have heard NOTHING about a court date, embassy date, etc.   It is extremely hard to think about what this little boy has been through, how scared he must be about what has happened, where he is now, and what is to come.  It would be much easier to fly over to Ethiopia,  “rescue” him from this situation and whisk him back to Colorado to live with our family.

However, despite the fact that we have no idea when we’ll travel to meet him, or bring him home, I am actually glad that this is taking some time.  Because I know that while we are waiting in Colorado, and he is waiting in Addis, our agency’s in country staff are doing everything they can to make sure that all the rules are followed and everything is done properly and by the book.  I could not imagine finding out five years from now that he was not voluntarily relinquished, or that some type of trafficking was involved.  I want to be 100% sure that this is right — for his birth family, for him and for us.

So we will continue to wait for our Superman, as long as it takes.



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