Readers Respond

There are many reasons we at EOR like to keep our blog up to date.  One is to let you know what projects we’re working on, another is to let you know what milestones we’ve reached.  However, one aspect of our blog that I think we sometimes overlook is the comments and input we receive from you, our readers, in response to our blog posts.

So, dear readers, I’d like to throw this out to you.  What do you want to see EOR do in 2011?  What projects would you like to see us undertake?  What fundraisers would you support?  You can comment here, or send an email to  But either way, please let us know.  Your input is very important to us, and we are listening.


2 thoughts on “Readers Respond

    • Still no cow for Children’s Heaven, although we’ve helped to fund a livestock program at another orphan care center, so maybe it will be possible for Lauren to look at those numbers to see what it would cost to dot he same for Hanna and the girls. Great question!

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