Last Saturday night, Ethiopian Orphan Relief sponsored the Tasfa Ethiopia live and silent auction.  The event was a huge success on all levels.  We grossed ALMOST $20,000 for our projects in Ethiopia.  Our event planners, Alexan Events, did an amazing job transforming a boot camp gym into a classy party space.  The band, Wendy Woo and Robin Hoch, entertained everyone and even went away with a few silent auction items.  The owner of Altitude Peak Fitness was so impressed with our event that she has already volunteered to let us use the space again next year.  And, most importantly, everyone had a great time and generously opened their hearts and wallets for our cause!


Two of our specific projects were the Raise the Paddle and the Lola Cards.  Our Raise the Paddle special appeal raised over $4000 for the FOVC orphanage/school building project.  As most of you know, FOVC (Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children) is a community organization in Shanto, Ethiopia (southern Ethiopia) dedicated to restoring hope, dignity and empowerment to orphans, vulnerable children and widows.  EOR previously granted FOVC over $20,000 to begin construction of the orphanage, and we are so excited to hear the reports from the team that is traveling to FOVC in December to get some updates on how the construction is going.


Another Tasfa project was the Lola cards.  Lola Children’s Fund is an orphanage in Tigray (northern Ethiopia) that provides housing, medical care and educational services to HIV+ orphans and foster children.  Lola has asked EOR to provide 20 bunk beds, 20 blankets, and 20 sets of sheets for the children it services.  I am so proud to report that our Tasfa guests almost fulfilled that entire goal.  You purchased 16 beds, 17 blankets, and 12 sets of sheets.  With a little more work we will be able to provide each of Lola’s children with a warm, safe place to sleep.


There are no words that could ever express the extreme gratitude we have for all of our volunteers, guests, donors and sponsors.  Your generosity is truly inspiring, and makes me want to work even harder and do more.  THANK YOU to everyone who participated in any way to help make Tasfa a success.


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