Time for some Tasfa!

If you’ve been following this blog, or our facebook page, or are on our mailing lists, you know that the time has come … tomorrow night EOR will host Tasfa Ethiopia.  “Tasfa” means “hope” in Amharic, and it is hope that we strive to give the children of Ethiopia through our various projects and programs.

The money raised tomorrow night will go towards building a school and orphanage in Shanto, providing an HIV+ orphanage in Tigray with beds, mattresses and blankets, providing widowed women with livestock to be able to support their children (and thereby stop the cycle of poverty that leads to orphaned children) and the support of orphaned teenaged girls at Childrens Heaven in Addis.

We are so excited about everything that is happening tomorrow night.  Wendy Woo and Robin Hoch are performing.  Our silent auction items include beautiful jewelry, art, massage, facials, clothing and Broncos tickets.  Our live auction items include ski packages, a beautiful hand made quilt featuring the art of adopted Ethiopian children, and an autographed poster of world famous Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie.

The event is at Altitude Peak Fitness, 2151 Larimer Street, in downtown Denver from 7-10.  In the afternoon we will be doing family photo shoots with a professional photographer.  If you would like to schedule a photo shoot, or buy tickets, please contact Shawn Rodda at shawn.rodda@gmail.com.

Wish us luck…here we go!!!!!


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