You sold what on craigslist? The Septober edition

Apparently, I forgot to report what I sold in August.  And despite my best efforts, the item I tried to sell in September didn’t sell until today.

“Call me irresponsible

call me unreliable

throw in, undependable too…”

Enough about me–I have plenty of stuff to sell from now until next Septober, and every time I sell something, kids in Ethiopia gain clean water,  medical care, and great playgrounds, so I. AM. MOTIVATED!


This sweet little easel has been taking up space in my garage for many, many moons.  Astrid Meklit has a lovely easel from IKEA, so this one was rendered obsolete.  It didn’t fly out the door in a white-hot second, but it does belong to someone else now.  More room to park + a contribution to EOR–pretty sweet!!!


“Super cute, super sturdy Melissa & Doug wooden easel. Other artists have beautified it a bit, but it’s ready for your own little Picasso.    The money from this sale will benefit the programs of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc.


One thought on “You sold what on craigslist? The Septober edition

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