RUN! don’t walk, to support Molly and EOR.

Molly’s at it again.  Not content to sit around and grow large with food (a reference to one of my very favorite Simpson’s episodes) she’s lacing up and logging miles for another marathon.  AND, just like last time, Molly is fund raising on behalf of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc.

Molly is such a giver~~~her initial fundraising effort inspired my husband to do the same when he ran his first marathon a few years ago.  Since then, several other people have flexed their muscles in service to EOR, so really, Molly gave, and kept on giving.

This time, she makes magic on October 10th    and could use your help to reach her fund raising goals.   Stop by her page and make a donation.

My gratitude knows no bounds–Molly is fundraising for EOR by running 26.2 miles!  So glad it is Molly, not me, and that’s just one of the many reasons I’ll be making a donation.
Go Molly go!  We are so thankful for the gift of YOU!!!



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