Partying like it’s 2003 in Cowtown…

Just a few short days until the Enkutatash celebration here in Columbus.  Although the holiday fell on a Saturday this year,  the Enkutatash planning committee wisely chose to delay the big celebration until the 18th, because last weekend?  Well let’s just say that the gridiron was a popular place to meet.  With Miami in town to battle the Buckeyes,  Enkutatash would’ve been a very small celebration indeed.

Instead, we’ll meet for food and coffee and dancing on Saturday, September 18th, from 12-4.  My favorite event last year was the authentic Ethiopian auction.  Super fun, very lively, we’ve included it on this year’s schedule too.

It is such an honor to serve on the planning committee each year.  My Ethiopian daughter has strong relationships with many Ethiopians, adults and children due in large part to the  Enkutatash committee.  I  am so thankful for this community we’ve grown into.  I cant wait to celebrate 2003 with them, and everyone else who attends.

See you on Saturday!



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