Sewing Party

You might recall our recent blog post about the need for girls dresses in Ethiopia. Remember Sabrina our guest blogger & EOR supporter?  She is hosting a Stitch & Enrich Party in Humboldt  County, California, September 25th from 5-9pm to create pillowcase style dresses for the girls in Ethiopia.  Sabrina will have numerous sewing machines, pillowcases, ribbon, elastic, accessories , food and drinks.

Imagine the joy a little girl in Ethiopia would feel to be able to pick out and have their very own dress.

In December friends of EOR will be traveling to Ethiopia to help with the building of a orphanage at FOVC. They will be hand delivering the dresses on this trip.

We also need dresses created in larger sizes up to size 14.

Thanks Sabrina for making a difference. If you would like to attend Sabrina’s Stitch & Enrich event please contact her at

If you are unable to attend but would like to participate in sewing some dresses please contact



2 thoughts on “Sewing Party

  1. “Stitch & Enrich” This is a cute name.
    I’m planning a similar event in Seattle.
    Probably the 1st weekend in October.
    I hope it is OK if I copy Sabrina and call it “Stitch& Enrich” too.

  2. Cheri! My long time childhood Montana friend! I’m so excited our paths crossed again via Facebook. Thank you so much for helping with the dress project. I am so humbled by everyones generosity. I’m sure it’s fine with Sabrina to share the name. You are all making such a difference in girls lives. It brings tears to my eyes to know the joy that these girls are going to have when they see everyone’s dresses. They will forever cherish them I am sure. Once you firm up a date let me know and I’ll do a blog post and facebook post. Thanks Cheri! Hope to see you soon my friend. Your amazing.
    Much Love, Kim

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